What is offsetting?

After CO₂ is emitted from a power plant, factory or a car engine it takes only a few months to diffuse relatively evenly throughout the earth’s lower atmosphere. That means, for example, that the negative effects of CO₂ emanating from coal-burning power station in northern China can be “measured” on the other side of the world within a matter of weeks. However, once emitted, excess CO₂ remains in the atmosphere for centuries, even up to 1,000 years.

Thankfully, the flip side of this means that when we reduce or prevent CO₂ emissions on one side of the world, we can help reduce the overall CO₂ levels of the planet. This is where offsetting comes in.

Each ImpactScope offset represents 1 tonne of CO₂ which has been sequestered or avoided. All of ImpactScope’s project development partners undergo rigorous auditing and monitoring by the world’s leading carbon certification bodies, such as Gold Standard, Verra or Plan Vivo.

We realise that offsetting as a mitigation tool is a poor substitute for preventing emissions in the first place, but in the absence of other effective solutions, offsetting has a role to play. By purchasing high quality ImpactScope offsets, Proof of Work stakeholders can at least ensure that equivalent amounts of excess carbon are prevented from entering the atmosphere.