About us

ImpactScope is a sustainability focused technology company building AI and web3 tools for social enterprises, financial regulators, NGOs and digital asset ventures. We have a corporate presence in Switzerland and Estonia and team members in seven different countries.

Our team is a unique blend of impact entrepreneurs, data scientists, researchers, software engineers and sustainability practitioners, including recognized global authorities in behavioral economics, tokenomics engineering, NLP and smart contract design.
Meet the team
Michele Soavi
COO / Chief Sustainability Officer

15 years of international experience at the intersection of sustainability and financial reporting. Former PwC and EY. PhD in legal tech/smart contracts. MBA in Sustainable Business.

Sean Murphy
Co-founder, CEO

15+ years in emerging technology and impact investment management. Former LP in East Africa’s first seed stage tech investment fund.

Kоstа Zаnin

ESG, FinOps and RegTech focused senior product designer with strong ML project management background. 10+ years of managing agile teams in dynamic environments.

Esther Val
Head of Global Partnerships & Policy

20 years at European and national levels in public policy, sustainability & strategic partnerships at the intersection of technology and impact. European Commission expert advisor.

Quentin Botha
Token Economics Researcher

Published researcher on blockchain and token economics. Junior researcher at the Cryptoeconomics Research Institute in Vienna.

Aurora Martinelli
Data scientist

Data scientist and business analyst. Bachelor degree in Economics, management and computer science.

Nada Lamptey
Content coordinator

Model UN Association Leadership Program. PA Intern at Parliament of Ghana. Former community management and investor communications at GAINS Associates.

Jorrin Bruns
Ambassador Program Lead

7+ years in web3, from DAOs to technical development. First-round Polkadot Ambassador turned member of the Parity Tools team.

Mehul Derodra
Head of Research

Extensive background in traditional investing and FinTech. Alumni in Sustainable Finance from CISL. Mehul combines his education and experience to explore how sustainability, impact investing and blockchain can be combined.

James Atkins
Carbon Markets Advisor

Chairman of Vertis Environmental Finance, one of Europe’s leading emissions trading firms. Author of “Climate Change for Football Fans”, a humorous critique of climate change policy.

AJ Recana
Community Manager

Former Social Media and Community Manager at InvArch, and previously North America Community Manager for Polkadot at Parity Technologies

Madhuri Rahman
Head of Ecosystem Engineering

Tech4Good, ecosystem design and community planning expert. Projects for Blockchain & Climate Institute, HSBC and The Scout Association.

Levente Bencze
Blockchain Architect

Dynamic NFT developer and onchain game designer. Solidity programmer.

Gregg Betz

Sell-side CEO in multiple EUR 100 MLN acquisitions in telco and consumer goods. Investor/developer of renewable energy projects.

Susana González
Head of LATAM Partnerships

Senior Coordinator at the United Nations University. Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative fellow. Innovation Director focusing on humanitarian work and sustainability.

Nayan Lal
Sustainable Energy Consultant

Technology Consultant and Electrical Energy Engineer. DAAD KOSPIE Scholar’22 at TU Munich from IIT Delhi. With former experience at McKinsey & Co., NamasteyNFT, BHEL.

Our Advisors
Jakob Hackel

Senior scientist at the Research Institute for Crypto-Economics in Vienna. Global authority on token engineering for social impact.

Ana Angella

Sustainable finance expert. 12 years in finance and data analysis at Procter & Gamble. Currently with Consensys, working on community growth across innovative blockchain products.

Yoram Ben Zvi

Blockchain & Cardano technology solutions for social and environmental impact. Cardano4Climate. Earthworm Foundation Entrepreneur-in-Residence.