Cardano Summit 2022, ImpactScope on the main stage

ImpactScope Chief Sustainability Officer, Michele Soavi, speaking during the Climate-focused value chains panel

From November 19-21 over 30,000 attendees convened in more than 50 locations across the globe to celebrate the growth and vitality of the Cardano ecosystem. The main event of this year’s Cardano Summit was held at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. ImpactScope was represented by Chief Sustainability Officer, Michele Soavi, who spoke during Day 1 on the main stage as part of the Climate-focused Value Chains in the Age of Web3 panel. On Day 2, ImpactScope co-founder, Sean Murphy, presented dynamic Proof of Impact NFTs and impact dashboards during the Impact as an Opportunity for Cardano session.

Landano, IAMX, Empowa, DirectEd Development Foundation and NEWM

However, before the main event got underway, Team ImpactScope joined many of our friends and fellow collaborators for two important meet-ups, namely the inaugural meeting of the Cardano RealFi consortium, and the much anticipated Cardano Summit Welcome Party at the Olympic Museum.

Duncan Brown (Veritree), Michele Soavi (ImpactScope) and Vincent Peikert (Noumena Digital)

One of the key takeaways from the Cardano Summit 2022 was inclusion. The Cardano Foundation continues to work as a recognition system that encourages innovation and drives change by providing a secure blockchain for builders. A big announcement was made about the Alpha program, an in-depth training program to make blockchain education more accessible for all.

“Cardano is made for change” was one of the main messages of Fredrik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation. ImpactScope Chief Sustainability Officer Michele Soavi joined other changemakers, Katherine Foster, Safeya Zeitoun, Duncan Brown, Vincent Peikert and Nicholas Niggli for the panel Climate-focused value chains in the age of Web3 to discuss how climate-focused accounting methodologies, fintech initiatives, and digital solutions interact with blockchain technology to address urgent challenges.

The conversation covered a wide range of topics, including how web3 tools can be used to value nature-based capital, how onchain mechanisms accelerate inclusive engagement and how blockchain technology can support innovation and sustainability. Michele Soavi pointed out the significant disconnect between amounts of money invested in certain sustainability initiatives and the actual impact created. The task is complicated further by the fact that some impact metrics, such as socio-economic empowerment, are more difficult to measure. As Michele mentioned, ImpactScope is designing applications to help companies improve their impact reporting methodologies.

Companies building for impact on Cardano. Sustainable ADA, ImpactScope, Landano, Cardano 4 Climate, Littlefish, Gimba Labs, Wada, Littercoin, DirectEd Development Foundation.

On Day 2, during the session entitled “Impact as an Opportunity for Cardano”, which was organised and hosted by our friend and advisor Yoram Ben Zvi from Cardano 4 Climate, ImpactScope co-founder, Sean Murphy, presented specific examples of how organisations can use tools to verify, display and immutably record their impact. Sean showed how ImpactScope helps plastic recycling companies communicate their impact achievements via blockchain powered impact dashboards and dynamic Proof of Impact NFTs.

Later that evening we took our seats for the Gala Dinner to witness the winners of the inaugural Cardano Summit Awards. We were delighted to cheer Glen Jordan, CEO at Empowa when he took home the Blockchain for Good award. Meanwhile, our friends at Minswap won the DeFi / DEX platform of the Year award. What a great weekend it was. We’re looking forward to Cardano Summit 2023 already.