Green Cross United Kingdom and ImpactScope sign collaboration agreement to bring traceability tools to infrastructure projects in Colombia, Mexico, and Panama.

One month before COP26 the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the University of Oxford published a report entitled Infrastructure for Climate Action. According to the study, “infrastructure is responsible for 79 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore the sector is centrally important to achieving the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

ImpactScope and Green Cross UK

During COP26 in Glasgow, Green Cross United Kingdom (GC-UK) and Capital Cities of the Americas on Climate Change Secretariat (CC35) hosted “Earth Dialogues for Climate and Finance”, one of the most successful and impactful side events of the climate conference. Held at the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities Pavilion on November 2nd, the event saw the announcement of more than USD 750 million in new finance mechanisms to help bring subnational governments one step closer to achieving their climate plans.

ImpactScope recognizes that blockchain based monitoring, reporting and verification tools will play an important role in securing the integrity and transparency of these ambitious programmes. With that in mind we welcomed Green Cross United Kingdom to our office last week to sign a wide-reaching collaboration agreement. In 2022 ImpactScope’s tokenized carbon offsets and Proof of Impact blockchain will be used to improve and display key sustainability metrics for infrastructure projects throughout Latin America.

Ruy Campos-Dugone, Executive Director of GC-UK commented, “It was a pleasure to meet Sean, Gregg and other ImpactScope team members. We were impressed by all that they have achieved in such a short time. ImpactScope’s Proof of Impact blockchain will be the perfect accompaniment to the Climate Positive Sustainable Infrastructure Programme being developed by GC-UK.”

ImpactScope and Green Cross UK CPSI meeting

Sean Murphy, ImpactScope co-founder remarked, “It is an honour to be collaborating with a key chapter of such a prestigious international NGO with chapters in over 30 countries. We are very impressed by the integrated methodologies proposed under the CPSI Programme. The responsibility to deliver effective and transparent tools to help municipalities, regions and governments measure, display and address the social and environmental impacts of their infrastructure projects is enormous. I’m sure both GC-UK and ImpactScope are up to the challenge. We are already planning a side-event at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2022 to showcase our solutions and move these projects forward.”

About GC-UK

GC-UK is the UK chapter of Green Cross International, an environmental organisation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, founded in 1993 by former Soviet leader and the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Mikhail Gorbachev. Today there are Green Cross member organisations on the six continents: Africa, America, Antarctica, Asia, Europe and Oceania. The primary mission of Green Cross is to “respond to the combined challenges of security, poverty and environmental degradation to ensure a sustainable and secure future”.