ImpactScope & Metis team up for Earth Day hackathon

ImpactScope & Metis hackathon

April 22 is #EarthDay. In fact today is the 52nd ever Earth Day in the history of our beloved planet. In 1969 in San Francisco at the UNESCO conference to advance world peace and security, American peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Planet Earth.

In the five decades since then, Earth Day has grown into a worldwide day of celebration, and also a global call to action for all citizens of planet Earth. This ball of of iron, oxygen, silicon, magnesium and other elements we all live on doesn’t care what your background is but it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the planet for future generations.

To encourage Web3 builders to create applications that channel more liquidity towards tackling climate change and rewarding behaviour change we’ve teamed up with Metis, a leading Ethereum Layer 2 rollup platform, to launch two #EarthDay Hackathon challenges.

Challenge #1. Design and deploy an innovative #DeFi or #ReFi solution to provide liquidity to environmental protection projects.

Challenge #2. Design and deploy a token reward to incentivize behavioral change in one of the following areas:

a. food waste reduction
b. plastic recycling

Proposal submission rules. Submit your proposal by Friday, May 6th, 2022 23.00 ET and tweet about it. Tag @ImpactScope and @MetisDAO.

1st prize: 40 METIS
2nd prize: 20 METIS

For further information check out the Metis Discord.