Swiss FinTech and crypto lending platform, YouHodler, teams with ImpactScope to offset Bitcoin Carbon Footprint

This year alone, the Bitcoin network will consume almost one percent of global electricity. The carbon footprint of a single transaction can be as much as 525 kgs. That’s the same amount of carbon as watching YouTube videos for 16.5 years continuously.

Swiss FinTech and crypto lending platform is working with ImpactScope to offset carbon emissions of crypto trades as part of its recent promotion. In the promotion, YouHodler is offering its customers a chance to win a Tesla Model 3 and a Vespa Elettrica. To enter the draw, just register for the promotion before October 31st and trade any crypto on the platform.

YouHodler promotion

As well as supporting ImpactScope’s partner carbon reduction projects in Guatemala, Indonesia and Kenya, YouHodler has also helped remove carbon directly from the atmosphere by purchasing direct air capture carbon removal credits from the Climeworks Direct Air Capture plant in Hinwil, Switzerland.

Direct Air Capture plant

“At YouHodler we plan to become a carbon-neutral blockchain business,” said CEO Ilya Volkov. “It’s not just crypto miners who need to reduce their carbon footprint, but exchanges, service providers, and wallet owners too. The carbon intensity of the Bitcoin network has been in the news all year, and now thanks to our partnership with ImpactScope, we can be part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

“We’re excited by this partnership too,” echoed ImpactScope co-founder, Gregg Betz. “We’ve been working with Ilya and the team at YouHodler for a while now and soon we will integrate our offsetting API. Then all YouHodler’s clients will have an opportunity to offset the emissions of their crypto trades in real time.”

About ImpactScope

ImpactScope is a Geneva-based social enterprise providing sustainability solutions to crypto enthusiasts, crypto miners, and digital asset marketplaces.

We help mitigate the unintended environmental consequences of Proof of Work consensus protocols by building real-time offsetting APIs for digital asset marketplaces.

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