ImpactScope named global finalist in the Siemens Tokenize the Energy Transition Challenge

On February 17th, Siemens officially announced the three global finalists in the Tokenize the Energy Transition Challenge, a competition launched by Siemens Tech for Sustainability in November 2022 to identify teams capable of developing web3 solutions to help Siemens “represent, monitor and validate sustainable assets & green buildings with tradeable crypto tokens”. ImpactScope’s proposal is a web3 application designed to optimize and future-proof ESG reporting for Siemens’ Energy Performance Contracting clients, while helping Siemens reduce its data management costs.

As part of its solution, ImpactScope has designed a set of dynamic NFTs, which record energy metadata using oracles connected to smart meters. The metadata is then sent on-chain to a platform, which can be configured to display selected metrics according to any number of ESG reporting standards. For the last two months ImpactScope has been working with Siemens management to fine-tune our application and business model. The intense period of design and iteration will culminate in a one-week hackathon at Siemens AI Lab in Munich from March 6th-10th.