Crypto2Cash joins forces with ImpactScope to tackle the carbon footprint of crypto transactions

Crypto2cash is delighted to announce that as one of the first in the crypto space and within the spirit of COP26, it will offer all its customers the possibility to offset their carbon footprint on their crypto trades for a more sustainable environment and a greener future.

Crypto2Cash has joined forces with ImpactScope, a social enterprise providing CO2 offsetting solutions. From now on all Crypto2Cash customers will be able to offset the carbon emissions of their crypto transactions by just the click of a button in the Crypto2Cash app.

In recent months, the conversation around Bitcoin’s carbon footprint has been dominating the crypto news headlines. According to the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, in 2021 Bitcoin will likely consume more than 131 TWh of electricity. With much of this power coming from fossil fuel energy plants, an average on-chain Bitcoin transaction results in more carbon emissions than a cross-continent road trip, or 20 years of watching YouTube videos.

As institutional and private investors alike search for ways to make a positive environmental impact while transacting with energy-intensive cryptocurrencies, the Crypto2Cash partnership with ImpactScope offers the world’s first real-time integrated CO2 offsetting solution. All of ImpactScope’s offsetting partners are certified by Verra, the world’s leading voluntary program for the certification of GHG emission reduction projects. Crypto2Cash clients will be able to help reduce emissions by supporting biodiversity projects in Kenya, rainforest protection in Brazil and peatland restoration in Indonesia.

Gregg Betz, Co-founder of ImpactScope:

“We welcome the opportunity to join together with Crypto2Cash and give their clientele the option to offset their crypto carbon footprints. The mission of ImpactScope is to help Bitcoin stakeholders, be they exchanges, end-users, mining pools, or institutional investors, become greener, more sustainable, more aware of the environmental consequences of their actions. Crypto2Cash is a great partner for us and we look forward to serving their customers together.”

Paul Rodenburg, Co-founder of Crypto2Cash:

“Crypto2Cash is a forerunner in the effort to provide a simple, straightforward, user experience with excellent customer service and fast fulfilment times. We’ve been following the public conversation around Bitcoin’s carbon footprint and we were impressed by the seamless integration offered by ImpactScope. We recognise our duty to the planet and believe our users will love this voluntary service.”