ImpactScope chosen as Official Sustainability Partner for NFT BAZL, the largest hybrid NFT auction in the world

This week Dubai turned into the centre of the NFT universe, and ImpactScope was there to offset over 1,000 onchain ETH transactions. From CryptoPunks in lights and laser beams on the side of the Burj Khalifa, to the first live physical NFT art auction in the MENA region, it was non-stop NFT action in the UAE.

ImpactScope was proud to be the Official Sustainability Partner of the NFT BAZL live auction. After a successful launch in Miami in June, GDA Capital and Elitium brought the NFT BAZL exhibition to Dubai for Gulf Blockchain Week. The two-day event featured physical NFTs from over a dozen top artists including Super Buddha, Gavin Rain and Amrita Sethi.

In 2021 the total carbon footprint of all NFTs minted and traded will likely exceed 1.2 million tonnes. It would take 60 million oak trees one whole year to capture that much carbon. If you are an NFT creator or an NFT marketplace operator contact ImpactScope today and we will help you address your sustainability concerns.